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A New Firm With a Long Pedigree

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Red Lab BC Admin Comments (0)

Welcome to the new website for Ariston Architecture, LLC - Ariston is the direct successor firm of Apostolou Associates, Inc., which was founded in 1972 by Paul Apostolou, AIA. The majority shareholder is Alexandra Apostolou, who like her father, Paul, is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. The new company will continue to build on the strong foundation built by its predecessor f ..

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Ariston: from the Greek Ἀρίστων (Aristos), meaning "the best"
For us, Ariston is more than just a name - it is our aspiration. It represents our unwavering commitment to client service and superior design. We produce architectural designs that are beautiful, sustainable, and contextual. We work tirelessly to bring in projects on time and on budget.
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  • Ariston Architecture, LLC
  • 47 Bailey Avenue
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15211
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