Green building

We believe in a sustainable approach to architecture and planning as a rule of practice. We strive to implement and utilize sustainable materials, practices, and philosophies in each project, regardless of whether or not an owner is pursuing any specific Green Building designation. Our staff boasts multiple LEED Accredited Professionals who help implement the firm's green design initiatives.

The John C. Mascaro Learning Center at the University of Pittsburgh

We believe that “green” buildings don’t need to be more expensive or complicated. As architects putting sustainable design concepts to use, we work to develop and deliver facilities that fit the built environment to the natural and cultural environment. This requires integrating environmentally responsible practices in to the design process from the very beginning. Though each facility has its unique challenges, our goal is to select the most effective concepts and tools for the individual project. This requires an integrated approach to facility design, incorporating the use of architectural materials, engineered systems, landscaping, and other design aspects that are planned for early in the process and carried out through the life of the project.

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Ariston: from the Greek Ἀρίστων (Aristos), meaning "the best"
For us, Ariston is more than just a name - it is our aspiration. It represents our unwavering commitment to client service and superior design. We produce architectural designs that are beautiful, sustainable, and contextual. We work tirelessly to bring in projects on time and on budget.
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